The World Missions Presbyterian Church (WMPC SYNOD) is the U.S. Corporation Headquarters for the establishment of the U.S. American/Korean Presbyterian Church, which is now legally known and registered as the “World Missions Presbyterian Church” located at 461 King Street Littleton, MA 01460.  The church/synod is established, as the Department Headquarters for International Missions abroad (in the U.S.).  Affiliate Presbyteries and churches located in America, Canada, and other friendly nations around the world

World Missions Presbyterian Church” is particularly established as a Church and the Official Synod Synod of this Denomination and the Presbyterian General Assembly, a partner and affiliate of the Pyung Kang Cheil Presbyterian Church, co-located at 147-13 Ohryu- 2-Dong Kuro-Ku, Seoul, Korea.

This Synod and our General Assembly is an affiliate of and works closely with the Korean, Hap Dong Presbyterian Church and it’s Assembly.   As an affiliate of these entities, the WMPC functions under the provisions this Constitution and works to enhance the Conservative Theological Church movement.